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Teak Care & Maintenance Products

Incredibly stable, dense, & immune to rot or decay, teak wood (Tectona Grandis) is widely regarded as the very best for outdoor wood furnishings. Its strength & durability has enabled many an English teak bench to last 75 years or more. Sun, rain, snow & salt water conditions will not impact the beauty nor longevity of your teak. Left untreated, teak wood will weather to a soft patina gray as surface oils evaporate. For those clients who prefer to maintain their teak’s golden luster rather than allow it to age to its characteristic silver gray patina, we recommend utilizing a high quality teak sealer such as industry favorite SEMCO Teak Sealer. We do not recommend the use of teak oil or marine oil, as it may lead to discoloration, mildewing, and frequent applications. Teak Sealer will last a minimum of one year once applied. If you have allowed your teak to weather first, simply utilize the SEMCO Two Part Teak Cleaner first to dissolve dirt & restore the original golden hue, and follow up with the Sealer to protect it. Protection against stains & water spots, if desired, is provided by SEMCO CLEAR COAT. Note that Clear Coat is for use after the application of SEMCO Sealant, and not in place of it. Full instructions are provided with your order. Need supplies to apply your sealer? The SEMCO Utility Kit comes complete with spray bottle for your SEMCO Teak Sealer, two application poly-brushes, cleaning rubber gloves, light brillo scrubs, and a finishing cloth.

This item has been expertly constructed from solid 100% Grade A kiln-dried plantation grown teak, machine cut & hand sanded, to the highest quality control standards in our manufacturing facilities located in Java, Indonesia & backed by our full money-back Guarantee and Warranty policies. For more information on the quality of our construction & shipping details, please see our FAQ.

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